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I just now picked up one BNIB for $750 otd from a local hardware store/pawn shop.

I went in there with some possible trades: Chinese SKS, Chinese NHM 91, Romy md 63 with dong, bayo, etc. and an old 80s Colt .380 Govt model. They rejected the SKS out of hand, had three or four already... priced reasonably with more in the back. This place has 2000 guns on display with that many more in the back... nothing moving since Trump got elected so they were in no mood to trade, but they very generously (sarcasm) said they would take ALL THREE long guns for the Zastava...

And he was serious. It was cheaper just to pay cash. They had the Zastava priced at $750 plus tax but finally did $750 out the door & put in the two cheapass mags that came with it. Only wanted to gimme one at first. These mags look built out of old coke cans they so flimsy... (Shrugs shoulders)

These M90NP guns are pretty scarce around here, so I paid it. Its a heavy rifle, looking forward to shooting it tomorrow.

These should run just fine with either brass or steel case, right?
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