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Originally Posted by notime
Nice job light load! What kind of washer did you use?
Here a link to the first thread.
Notime, I just found a small washer that the rivit would go thru in my washer can. If I couldnt find one I was going to go to the hardware store and buy one.
The best bet from what I can see is to silver solder or weld the rivit end in the shaft once its set to give it extra strength. Although mine is working fine , SO FAR. The one thing you have to absolutely watch out for whether pressing the rivit or welding is , Dont weld it fast, it has to spin, or watch when pressing down the rivit , it also tightens up so stop before it gets too solid. If you look on your UF stock assys, those external locking lugs all spin on the shaft. It is necessary for the lining up of the pins.

Just checked out the other posting you guys were talking about. I missed that one some how. When was that posted?
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