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Default AMMS (cutoff) underfolder locking lug easy fix

Guys, I got a really sweet brand new AMMS UF kit from copes for a good price. There was a catch however as I am sure some of you are aware of. The locking lug was demilled by accident on these kits so Roger reduced the price to reflect this. So not wanting to try and locate a spare locking lug. I repaired mine.
I drilled thru the lug shaft end that was cut off with a 5/32" bit. Then got a small washer ,took a spare standard AK build rivit, put the rivit thru the washer, then thru the lug then into the drilled shaft. Then flipped it upside down, on the rivit head and took a drift pin straight down thru the hole in the shaft and peened the end of the rivit till it swelled up but not too much as you want the shaft to turn. At this point if you have access to a welder you can weld over the peened end if you feel it needs to be stronger.Also it is tight quarters so you will need some skill. Mine is holding up fine with just the peened rivit so far.
I enclosed a shot of what it looks like. I think it looks as good as factory. Well maybe not, but good enough for me

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