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Originally Posted by bigrog210 View Post
Got my new LA BFPU Romanian out to the range yesterday. Sweet shooter, great look to it . The furniture is beautifully carved with "MODONNA" and "ALINA" and includes hash marks on the top handguards and on the top of the buttstock. They matched the patina of the kit very well on the receiver and barrel. The rifle was put together well, all rivets were done correctly and looked nice ,no receiver denting. No cants at all on the GB or FSB.
Them polishing the trigger really smooths out the Tapco . My only gripe would be that the buttstock trap door is non functional , as far as i know it is just missing the spring so no biggie. Big thanks to the LA crew for helping me out through the process with all my questions. Overall i am very happy with the kit build. I'll post some pics when i have some time

We appreciate your business! Show us some 200 yard groupings! =)
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