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Originally Posted by Toddbrooks515 View Post
I picked her up today and she's a well worn gun! Every part I could find (and I checked them all) had matching serial numbers. Sights are gas block are all straight. There is some pitting on the top cover but with some clp and scotchbright, it looks a lot better! I feel I have a rifle I can shoot the shit out of it, drop it on hard ground, fall in water, trip again into the sand....and then stand up and throw 30 mags down range. These aren't beauties but they get the job done. The build quality was fantastic by Lee Armory. They had initially told my no kits on these had all stamped matching. I took the order and when I got to my FFL, I stripped it down to find every part matched...including dust cover, and safety selector. Thanks Lee Armory! You have my AK build projects for ever!5

Thank you very much for the feedback! Don't forget your warranty registration!
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