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Originally Posted by auditech10 View Post
Ive torn down a couple dozen AKs and they all had the "tail" on the carrier. Ive heard that some companies removed them, but the first time I saw that in real life is on my Mitchell Arms M70/M90. Ive already swapped in a virgin carrier to be more authentic
tail on the carrier or do you mean on the disconnector? The carrier needs a slot in it for full auto. many builders don't even bother milling them out. There's nothing in a semi build that can cause it to become full auto with that cut in the carrier. Some people who want to be extra careful will and commercial manufactures will mill them out. Having the tail on the disconector is a different matter though, because if the selector level holds that down it's possible that it will double over and fire two or more rounds with a single pull of the trigger even without the auto sear. I've also heard you can be caught for constructive intent if you have the slot cut in your lower rails. But drilling the evil third hole in the receiver will always be considered manufacturing a full auto nfa firearm.
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