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In guns like the AR15 (Only gun I have autos of, as I'm still waiting for my AK to transfer), it basically holds the hammer back for just enough time, so that the bolt has time to fully seat the chamber before it is dropped again. If it wasn't for this, the hammer would just ride the bolt home in full auto , and that's not always safe.

Basically, you pull the trigger. Gun goes boom. The boom is the bullet firing of course, and the energy from that pushes the bolt back ejecting the spent casing, and also re-cocking the hammer on the auto sear (Instead of on the standard disconnector which is used during semi auto firing). As the bolt then goes forward, JUST before it fully closes, it "trips" the auto sear which has been holding the hammer back, therefore releasing it. With everything timed nicely, the hammer should then contact the back of the bolt at the perfect time to fire the round right after it became fully seated. With some guns you can actually play with the timing some or with buffers weights some as well to increase or decrease the rate of fire.
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