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nice review. Did red jacket install the pg reinforcemet plate? Also, where do they get their barrels from?

They have a $700 price tag now at AF. I think thats fair for the piece considering youde be about $200 in parts + $200 in receiver and barrel + custom build and finish.

Since RJ is a "custom shop" that would have been cool if they added some cool detail on the receiver like selector markings and some trigger tuning. Kudos to red jacket for offering a lifetime warrenty though.

I really want to fall in love with these parts kit rifles but somewhere around the $600-700 I say to myself: "self, $200 more and I can get a time-tested factory made, never fired, mil-spec, chrome lined hammer forged legitimate barreled rifle!"

Its not that Im in love with arsenals, I just wish other people would figure out a way to bring over military rifles in sporting configurations and do conversions, rather than torching them to hell and building them again.

I guess with arsenal you get a so called "known quantity" where with parts guns you dont.
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