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Originally Posted by PLAGUE
Thanks guys. I talked to Lancaster and they said that it would take 30 to build and ship. Atlantic is out of the question because they will not ship to CA. That is funny because Lancaster Arms will. The only thing that they have to do is remove the pistol grip to make it CA legal. But I am on the fence about the Lancaster arms ak or a converted saiga AK-103. Maybe i will pm Atlantic on this site to get some clarification. Just hard to wait 30 days + 10 day dros. thanks again guys.
The only thing w/ the Saiga is that I don`t think they take standard AK mags, which the Lancaster does. The Saigas do seem to be a little beefier than some, though I`m not sure if there`s an actual difference in receiver thickness. Then again I`m basing that comparison on a saiga 12.
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