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Originally Posted by Metalguy66 View Post
As far as "converting" modern vehicles to "carb and intake" and "non electronic" transmission, etc.. The newer the vehicle, the more drastic the butcher-job that entails, and the larger the list of resulting DELETED FEATURES..
Agreed completely. Modern vehicles wiring complexity and schematics are a royal MF'r to read unless you know what you're doing.

I've rewired 2 GM classics front to rear without ever taking any electronics related classes, and I've seen the modern schematics and I scratch my head.

Originally Posted by KernelKrink View Post
10 years old, not really much of a problem. Take a 2008 Suburban for example, originally equipped with a V8 and a 4L60E transmission. An older carb V8 engine with an HEI and a 700R4 trans is a drop in replacement with nothing to change as far as mounts, driveshafts, etc. All you need to do is re-plumb the electric fuel pump system to let the mechanical fuel pump on the engine draw fuel, provide power to the ignition, and install a few simple switches and wires to get the lockup working on the transmission. Done.
Possible yes, but a bit more involved then that.
99.9% of a "Conversions" are exactly the opposite.

I've done 2 classic GM conversions with modern LSx/Vortec engines from GM.
For someone to take a modern GM Suburban and go backwards, it's very rare......and a bit more complicated then that.

You have the ECM and harnesses to contend with rewiring, reprogramming, delete VATS, etc.......
It can be done, yes.......

The simpler method, just get a bone bare OEM low end LS Suburban without all the electro-gizmo Bullcrap on it.
Then strip the harness and put in a classic harness which is 10x simpler to understand and troubleshoot.

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