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Originally Posted by Metalguy66 View Post
Yes, quite obviously, anything you can shield from the effects of an EMP does not have to be EMP resistant.. It also depends on the type and intensity level of said "EMP".

If you're going to use an HEI destributor long term, better throw in an extra ignition module too. Also, don't forget the guts of the alternator.

As far as "converting" modern vehicles to "carb and intake" and "non electronic" transmission, etc.. The newer the vehicle, the more drastic the butcher-job that entails, and the larger the list of resulting DELETED FEATURES..
A 2017 model? Sure. Anyone who could afford to convert a very young vehicle could probably afford to have it foil sealed and stored in case of emergency instead!

10 years old, not really much of a problem. Take a 2008 Suburban for example, originally equipped with a V8 and a 4L60E transmission. An older carb V8 engine with an HEI and a 700R4 trans is a drop in replacement with nothing to change as far as mounts, driveshafts, etc. All you need to do is re-plumb the electric fuel pump system to let the mechanical fuel pump on the engine draw fuel, provide power to the ignition, and install a few simple switches and wires to get the lockup working on the transmission. Done.
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