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BTW - Recipes:

Ding's original recipe
2 gallons water
1-2 plugs of steel wool
1 cup Prep & Etch per 2 callons of water
6 Tbs of manganese dioxide

The recipe I did was:

5 gallons water
5 plugs of 000 steel wool
Three cups of Klean Strip Prep & Etch from Lowes
11 Tbs of Manganese Dioxide bought of eBay (it came in a 5 pound package so I figured a little extra wouldn't hurt)

My water temperature was approximately 185-195 degrees. I had a thermometer and the temperature varied depending on how close I was to the burner.

Parts were suspended in the solution using stainless wire.

In 15-20 minutes my parts still weren't ready so I kept checking them.

Just to remind folks of a safety tip - add acid to the water and not the reverse.

I removed parts, rinsed them and immediately applied WD40.

The shotgun that is only Parkerized was coated with Ballistol gun oil and all moving surfaces greased and oiled in the mechanism.
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