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Originally Posted by GGGultimateAK View Post
I can understand those holes being a high stress area prone to cracks like shown, but I also wonder if using the rifle while the holes are empty(spring loaded retaining pin removed like done here) sped up the appearance of those stress cracks. This is pure conjecture here but if that space had been spanned properly with that pin maybe this wouldn't have happened. Also, the reduction in rear trunion rivets on the newer models can't be helpful to the situation either.

Seems to me the structural integrity of the receiver would be compromised in this area of the NPAP more so than with the Saiga conversion holes because of proximity to the heavy BCG reciprocating mass during live fire on the NPAP.
For the holes to not have been stressed, the innards would have to've been tight enough not to be functional, so "yep, cracks away!"

As I mentioned earlier, with this design choice, stress cracks are gonna show up early ( compared to standard AKM receivers )
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