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BULL 09-15-2017 09:39 AM

Ca doj mixup?

I was "delayed" in a firearms purchase by the California DOJ as my "DROS" was apparently reviewed and something was not found to be 100% kosher.

Its been a while since my last purchase and in the meantime, my son who shares the same name was convicted of beating his wife and got his bachelors degree from the local state prison for being a prick. Hopefully he wont get a masters in wife beating.

I believe that that's what triggered the "delayed" DROS paperwork so I was advised to do a "Live scan" of my fingerprints. The local Sheriffs office was pretty cheap and accommodating, I did this for $45 quick and easy.
Now what? I was told that they will get back to me in a couple of weeks.
I heard that there's a way to get some sort of "number" or "ID" from the state so I wont have to "re identify " myself every time I want to buy a gun.
Anybody hear of this or have a similar experience?

Big5 wont release a gun on a "undetermined" status and took my DROS fees and refunded the rest so I lost the fee, what a crock.

euroking99 10-12-2017 08:33 PM

Call ca doj yourself and make sure you talk to a human not a machine.

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