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robertmbowman 07-14-2017 07:41 AM

Subgun barrels are in stock, new made.
We now have in stock USA made replacement barrels for most of our parts kits.
ZAGI, 9mm, $70.
MP-40, 9mm, $350.
SOKAC, 9mm, $225.
STAR Z-70, 9mm, $295.
M49/57, 9mm [yes 9mm] $250.
PPS-43, 9mm [no 7,62x25mm], $130.
Some fitting will be required.
Pics on GB.
Other barrel incoming.

All of our kits include all of the demill pieces, now the new made domestic barrels are available from us.

Hard copper welding rod is in stock, for both 7,62mm and 9mm barrels,
$20 per 11" stick.
No PMs please.
352-363-8672 8:30 to Noon, M-F.
Thanks, bob bowman

ssproducts 07-14-2017 05:08 PM

What other barrels do you plan to offer ?

robertmbowman 07-16-2017 05:06 PM

We are trying to duplicate barrels for all of the kits we offer, up next is the M-56 in 9mm, PM-12, PM-63 in 380.
We stock the above mentioned new made barrels, + DPM, Tantal, MP-40, PPS-43 in 9mm.
We also stock NOS IMPORTED barrels, PKM [Polish-fluted], SG-43, DShK, 1910 Maxim, Vickers, Bren, MG-42, & KGKT.
The KGKT chrome lined barrel is a great starting point for inexpensive PKM, PKT, and other 54r chambered weapons.
bob bowman

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