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guncats 12-15-2006 02:39 AM

Vepr 308 accuracy?
Can any one provide some accuracy info on the 20.5" Vepr 308?
Are it capable of consistant 1.5moa?


ol'smokie 12-18-2006 04:28 PM

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guncats, as far as I can tell, mine is super accurate, with the PSOP 8x42 I can just about write my name at 50yds. It is a heavy gun. Dialed in a 50yds it reaches out to 200+ yds to hit small steel gongs, but shoots high at that setting at 100yds, easy to adjust with the Russkie dials. When I first got the gun it shot well with the iron sights. I would let guys at the range try it and they almost always had a bullseye on the 1st shot at 100. Robinson arms had varying quality control issues like front sight alignment, etc., from what I have seen in these forums. Mine came from Jensen arms in Loveland, CO and they would not send out something that was not quite right. Most of their stuff is over priced, but this piece was reasonable, the scope came from Tantal. This Vepr is a bit more accurate than my PSL, and more consistent, as a hot barrel does not seem to affect the spread too much. I shoot the South African 7.62 NATO, dnd some Malayasian....It does not seem to like the Silver Bear .308. Hope this helps and if you have not found one, good luck in getting ahold of one... not sure if there are many out there now for sale!

spaciba n udachi!


guncats 12-18-2006 09:12 PM

thanks for the input smokie!

It is nice to hear the Vepr 308 is more accurate than the PSL.

Vepr62 12-20-2006 11:26 PM

Vepr accuracy
I can do 2 in. groups at 100 meeters with Israely mill. surp. ammo all day long. It extensively damages brass while ejecting, so I don't reload for it. When I bought it new, I was getting 3-4 in. groups, now after 1500 rounds groups are getting tighter. I don't know if it is rifle barrel geting smoother, or I am becoming a better shooter.

Aktexas1973 12-30-2006 05:57 PM

I have A Krebs M14 mag conversion,this rifle is very accurate with the iron sights.Easy 1.5" group@100 yards with SA surplus.My Saiga-308 is much more accurate,I'm getting .5-1" groups @100 yards using the iron sights with the same ammo.

guncats 01-01-2007 03:11 PM

wow, saiga 308 shoots that good?
1moa with iron sight, that is super shooting with any rifle.....

dasu 01-01-2007 05:45 PM

id like to see that! having shot a lot of saigas, sub-moa is rare particularly with milsurp SA. most will do 1 -2 moa. great gun for the money.

the vepr does about as well. its put together a lot better, has a smoother action and the finish is far superior to a saiga.

and whoever mentioned the beat-up brass, yeah, it sure does. the saigas are real bad; they put a big old dent right behind the shoulder. i know the you can tune ejection for FALs so that the receivers dont get brass kisses. it would be interesting to see if you can adjuster the ejector so that the brass gets less spin.

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