View Full Version : 16" 9mm upper receivers

02-12-2017, 09:55 PM
Was about to purchase one, and poof they were gone.

When do you guys plan to have 16" 9mm upper receivers back in stock?

02-13-2017, 01:39 PM
16" up now, Keymod Rail.


02-18-2017, 11:16 AM
I just want to point out that PSA's shipping on some items has drastically improved! I ordered one of the MLOK railed uppers on Monday, and it arrived at my door on Wednesday (I do live close by, but this is still a dramatic improvement).

Now I just need them to call me to come pick up/transfer my lower that's been sitting at their Farrow Rd. store for a week and a half.

02-20-2017, 02:32 AM
With psa you have to check often. Great deals of you keep looking

05-14-2017, 10:20 AM
Anyone that has a 9mm upper from PSA. They appear to be 2 piece. I have a 10.5, and a 16.

Screwed together?