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  1. Side Folder legality?
  2. AWB Sunset questions
  3. AWB Sunset or Renew?
  4. Threaded Romanian brake/front sight assembly OK?
  5. SCREW the AW BAN read this!!!!!URGENT!!!!
  6. Welcome to the Peoples Republik of Ohio
  7. What If ....
  8. Stop those rat bastards in their tracks, Ohio!!
  10. sunset or another ban?
  11. Ohio AWB legislation, courtesy of Dickwad Fingerfuck....I mean, FingerHUT
  12. No more WASRs, SAR-1s, -2s or -3s w/ pistol grips
  13. SKS in California?
  14. Violations
  15. AK flats, bent blanks: legal issues
  16. 2004 Illinois Assault Weapon Ban
  17. Krinkov Kits
  18. Krusty says: Awww crap!!! IO charged with conspiracy, illegal importation..
  19. AMD-65 import parts count
  20. New Assault Weapons Ban amendment...
  21. Each Time [Gun Control In America]
  22. slant muzzle breaks?
  23. MAK-90...assault weapon?
  24. links: requirement of serialisation of firearms by liscensed manufacturers...
  25. BATFE list of parts on semi-automatic rifles
  26. Maine...oust Snow and Collins petition
  27. PA "Assault Weapons" ban
  28. Arsenal or weapons cache
  29. "Barrels for replacement only"
  30. 2nd amendment primer
  31. Assault Rifle Fight
  32. Looks like Kerry is going to push after all...
  33. Pro gun rally in DC may 9th!!
  34. Somebody on the Saiga forum says it's completely illegal to build an AK from parts
  35. Assault Weapons Ban - Poll from CNN
  36. AMD 63 bayonet lug
  37. fineswine tries a backdoor. i'd like to try hers, and turn the tables a bit.
  39. Folder Stock ?
  40. Just curious about the AWB sunset....
  41. Only 10 days left! $20 DSA G1, ORF Krinkov or Russian Makarov
  42. SBR and US parts count
  43. What's wrong with gun registers?
  44. Mak 90 conversion
  45. Part of the Assault Weapons Ban will NOT expire!
  46. AMD 65 barrel ?
  47. PA Range rules being enforced?
  48. Second amendment upheld by Congress
  49. Krinkov Pistol Question
  50. Let's krink 'em good -- Vote in this silly poll
  51. Greater Pittsburgh Gun Club charged me $147.00 for an FFL transfer.
  52. Please send this letter to the FCC about Rather and Jennings, time to pay the piper o
  53. Ding Dong The Witch is DEAD!
  54. Heads up: Michigan Assault Weapon Ban introduced.
  56. Post ban AMD 65
  57. Swapping stocks
  58. Vote FRAUD This is IMPORTANT, People
  59. 10 parts rule...confused.
  60. AK Registration Question
  61. Info from ATF on AMD-65 builds
  62. Muzzle Attachment..... or not?
  63. Classification of an AMD-65 pistol build
  64. New ANTI group pops up after ban dies....
  65. Foreign Sporting Semi-auto: Saiga with modified AK Mag.
  66. VPC Takes on 50 Cal Sniper Rifles on 60 Minutes
  67. National Self-defense bill !
  68. Near the edge
  69. AWB in WA state, this is bad....
  70. compliance parts question
  71. AMD 65 Muzzle question
  72. NY AW Surrender/Destruction bill
  73. home made parts do they count as us?
  74. Mak 90 Rebuild
  75. Parting out a Saiga legal?
  76. UZI kits legal?
  77. AOW AMD65 Pistol?
  78. MUST READ----> FUCK Frank Lautenberg
  79. Fight the NEW AWB!!!
  80. New Assault Weapon Ban Proposed
  81. AK47 pistol build question
  82. AMD pistol to rifle??
  83. NEW BATF
  84. SBR-Legal requirements? demystify this please?!?
  85. THE FAIR TAX proposalů gets RID of the IRS, translation =(ATF with no "teeth".)
  87. Serial Numbers
  88. new member w/ question-mak90
  89. link to Kalifornia news
  90. New Electronic ID Bill Threatens Your Firearms Ownership
  91. Supreme Court rulings on 2nd Amendment links...
  92. how to count handguards
  93. can you legally build an ak47 kit
  94. VOTE.com has a .50cal ban question
  95. Contact The Senate Ways & Means Committee
  96. Al-Qaida NUKES already in U.S., attacks to take place simultaneously in major cities
  97. Home built after death?
  98. assembled rifle /pistol
  99. What's the end result of the "parts kit ban"
  100. Parts kits importation extended through 2005
  101. Odd question...
  102. MISR-90 w/30 round magazine
  103. Can't use the barrel?
  104. Can't use extended break for M92 Krink?
  105. Parts count question
  106. Ohio open carry illegal with CHL in effect
  107. Form 1 questions/guidance/help??
  108. Another parts count question (don't hit me, please...)
  109. Another parts count question...
  110. Norinco BWK-92 Buildup
  111. Shipping parts kit to the UK????
  112. Legal manuvering
  113. No More Excise Taxes
  114. Forms for a silencer
  115. Compliance
  116. H.R. 1703 "Remove the Sporting Purpose language"
  117. New Jersey Large Cap magazine fight
  118. Question for MD guys regarding AK pistols
  119. legality of 80% Yugo receiver and parts kit
  120. Are SVD/Tiger Mods Legal (922 Question)?
  121. Index and Links to ATF Opinion Letters
  122. dumb slant brake question
  123. Are AK pistols legal in New York State?
  124. muzzle brake question
  125. Is it legal to build an AK semi in CALIF?
  126. Polish underfolder kit build
  127. Adding Russian FH, Stocks, Mags to Tiger Legal!
  129. AK-47 Romanian ATF Approval Letter
  130. Drum mags in ohio
  131. selling built kits
  132. Glitch in assault weapon law triggers rush to beat ban
  133. Arrgh! I Hate This !@#$%^&* Crap!
  134. Dragunov thumbhole, one or two compliance?
  135. Saiga Drag Stock Letter from ATF
  136. Bending flats for others???
  137. A website to help protect our rights
  138. Attaching extended muzzel brakes
  140. Buying a firearm in another state
  141. wasr parts count
  142. Legality, residency, and state questions
  143. 2nd Amendment Lite - 99% Gun Free
  144. is it legal?
  145. 922 and muzzle attachments?
  146. Maximum barrel length for an ak pistol?
  147. AK pistol for concealed carry
  148. kt ordnance raid
  149. Letting 17yo nephew build a kit for his birthday?
  150. Maryland Law Clarified
  151. Important Second Amendment case in Louisiana
  152. Can my baby legally sport a bayonet?
  153. ATF at it again..........
  154. Side folders and legal legnth
  155. ATF FORM 1 Krink SBR Help
  156. Barrel Length
  157. Do AK Pistols need to have US parts?
  158. The real scoop on California builds?
  159. hi cap
  160. atf siezed my amd65 kit need advice
  161. tracer ammo in florida
  162. NJ build
  163. Sarah Brady a Phony Opportunist
  164. Civil Disobediance
  165. What is next on their Agenda?
  166. PA Gun Owners!
  167. 922(r), Parts Count, and SBR manufacture
  168. SBR Questions
  169. 80% receivers
  171. Scope_of_2nd_Amendment_questioned
  172. compliance parts
  173. A MI underfolder question
  174. Which state has the best gun laws?
  175. Michigan Gun law question
  176. 07 ffl question
  177. dumb question about compliance (U.S. made) parts
  178. Tokorev SVT - 40 & Dragunov ND-85
  179. folding stock on pistol build
  180. Welded Vs. Screw-on Muzzle Attachment?
  181. SBR in Arkansas?
  182. legal parts?
  183. C&R and new stock.
  184. Illinois Gun Owners Take Heed Cook County AWB
  185. Illinois Gun Owners Take Heed Cook CtyAWB
  186. C&R License
  187. stock or forward pistol grip on an ak pistol?
  188. AOW for concealed carry?
  189. Anyone seen this?
  190. FAB Defense Ergo Grip Flashlight Mount
  191. EVIL WOMAN> CArolyn McCarthy (D) New York House of Rep.
  192. serial numbers and other receiver markings on homebuilds
  193. SIGN PETITION - HR 1022 - "NO" to semiauto ban
  194. 922r list
  196. Can it be done?
  197. Selling a home build
  198. Maryland Assault Weapons Ban of 2007 Defeated in Committee!
  199. E-mail From The GOA!
  200. great video in reference to HR 1022
  201. Vermont
  202. Assualt Weapons Poll!
  203. Sell your semi-auto legally...
  204. Selling a rifle
  205. Ammunition sales?
  206. H.R. 1022 Petition - New Petition
  207. Another SBR question
  208. Harrisburg-PA Pro Gun Rally!!!!!
  209. **Click on this! Whats a barrel shroud? Carolyn McCarthy
  210. Capitol Hill Blue Gun Ban Poll
  211. register as pistol, sell as rifle????
  212. bringing gun into USA
  213. All Gun Owners Please Read!
  214. OUTRAGE!!! The Second Amendment to be VIOLATED for "SAFTEY" FROM "TERROR"
  215. 1022 Update
  216. Black Powder Building
  217. Mating a Shotgun to a Rifle
  218. Help clear this up for me!
  219. Alas, ANOTHER short-barreled question. (sigh)
  220. States Provisions For The Right To Bear Arms!
  221. Shotgun or rifle in pickup
  222. Form 1 overall length question
  223. I think I know the answer, BUT?
  224. OSHA Regulations Threaten Ammo Sales
  226. IT CAME TODAY!!!!!!!
  227. Have we all forgotten Katrina?
  228. Have we all Forgotten HILLARY?
  229. GOA Alert!
  230. Must see: JPFO's movie THE GANG
  232. Serial number required on homemade receiver given to father?
  233. SBR in Illinois
  234. AK kits and California laws
  235. Locked box + vehicle + homebuild. Gun Free School Zones
  236. Making an SBR - Forms needed?
  237. C&R Hanguns in Maryland.
  238. Pre 86 machine gun barrel question
  239. Good Book About Guns and Crime
  240. NFA Regs in common language
  241. Veterans Disarmament Bill Could Come Before The Senate At Any Time
  242. Alaska's Gun and Reefer Laws
  243. Rejoice, Ron Paul Fans!
  244. URGENT for ALL Pennsylvanians!!!
  245. Century Arms - US Parts
  246. Romanian WUM 1
  247. Question about having to wait for ATF to O.K. me on firearm..
  248. can a individual import his own rifle
  249. Need Help on Online FFL transfer of firearm?