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  2. Post pics of your gun with Manticore Arms gear on it!
  3. Manticore Arms contact info
  4. Manticore Arms F3 Stock Adapter- folding M4 stock adapter for your 4.5mm Bulgy sidefo
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  6. Congrats Sven! New NRA mag mention
  7. Manticore Arms great customer service and shipping is going to get even better!
  8. Manticore ARC LOK Alfa rail for standard stamped AK's 50% through the end of 2015!
  9. Are You Kidding Me!
  10. Hi Sven, (eagerly) checking for updates on the alfa rail aimpoint mount :)
  11. We are moving to a BIGGER and BETTER Space on Feb 22nd!
  12. Best CS Ever
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  14. Manticore Arms at NRA 2016 booth 4504 - come see us!
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  16. Alfa Keymod Rail
  17. Stock question
  18. Bullpup Shoot 2016 - Sept. 17th, 2016 in Mt. Carroll Illinois. FREE to the public!
  19. Who like AK's and M-LOK and KEYMOD and PICATINNY all on the same forend?!?!
  20. Manticore Arms 20% off coupon code!
  21. Alfa extended and CR combo FSB|GSB
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  23. Ak triangle stock and stormworkz folder
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  25. 805 Bren items.
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  28. Manticore Arms - Bakelite Orange is the new Black!
  29. 14x1 RH muzzle devices?
  30. Manticore Arms Chinese stock and Bakelite Orange products now in stock!
  31. Chinese stocks on sale! Regular $115, on sale for $99!
  32. Night brake availability?
  33. Tavor products
  34. M82 Valmet bullpup in 7.62x39 $2200 shipped
  35. Manticore Arms Spring sale! 20% off coupon inside!
  36. Come visit Manticore at booth 5021 at NRA 2017!
  37. Alfa rail in mlok
  38. Any Independence day sale?
  39. NightShroud
  40. Bullpup Shoot 2017 - Sept. 9th, 2017 in Mt. Carroll Illinois. FREE to the public!
  41. Renegade Top Plate Picatinny Mount
  42. Manticore Arms 30% OFF SITEWIDE SALE! No Coupon Code Needed!
  43. Extended Booster
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